End of Summer School! ( + How to get your own website/domain name for $13 a month!)

So this website was created specifically for my Web Design for Communication Professionals class with Mrs. Bullington. It took me awhile to figure out what I wanted to make a website about. I had already created a website probably 3 times before but never with wordpress.

Making a website in 37 days for myself and actually getting it somewhat how I wanted it was definitely a feat for me. It took me forever to decide what I wanted it to be about. I wanted it be some fancy website about something fancy but I came up with nothing.

I’m also so busy outside of class, but since I decided┬áto make a blog website for myself it’s been pretty easy. I’m just taking pictures and thinking about topics for blog posts while I do stuff in real life now, it’s actually not even hard.

I plan to continue using the site and hopefully investing in a dslr camera but this brings us to the second part of this post.

I HATE THE .WORDPRESS.COM part of my URL. and I don’t have a lot of money.

but I was so inspired and set on really using this blog that I bought a domain name, khadijahsmith.com with a 1 cent coupon that I GOOGLED. I just typed in “free website hosting” and ALMOST FREE popped up, lol.

If you’re confused after me saying I have a plan for about $13.00/month but had a coupon for $.01. Of course.. other fees apply, but listen, this is after going to godaddy.com and some other hosting site and their monthly plans were in the 40/50 for a month price range.

SO, I used the Almost Free hosting at Hatchling plan coupon from prchecker.com, and after setting up my hostgator domain they help you connect it to wordpress (you may have to download the wordpress software at wordpress.org. Import your old site into it and wah lah.

I’ve yet to start making changes to khadijahsmith.com because I’ve been focused on other things.

Let me know if you do this and how it works out for you!


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