All Work and a little Play: Made in America Music Festival + What to Wear (Chic and CHEAP)

So, I’m laughing at my blog’s title.

But it’s all true guys, and I am SO excited! After months of nothing but school and work I’m going on vacation, I decided to share it here with you guys because I’m a strong believer in treating yourself. Nobody puts in hours of hard work to never just sit down, relax, and reap the benefits. (And if you do you should seriously rethink your work ethic!)

Last Friday my boyfriend and my friends bought our passes to the Made in America Music Festival in Philadelphia. It’s labor day weekend and not the most popular music festival (I don’t think, because none of my friends knew what I was talking about, lol). So I understand if you aren’t feeling the excitement. If you too have been in the dark about this east coast gem, you should check out last year’s highlight’s, 20 Best Things We Saw at Made in America 2014.

Also, Beyoncé is headlining this year, and a video of me dancing to her singing 7/11 live will be on my blog in the future.
Me (in the middle) and my girls dancing on my balcony.
In the spirit of my going to a music festival, I immediately went shopping, lol. I’d say my style is based around simplicity but still stylish. I like black and darker colors and also like intricate details and I found that in my music festival buys for less than 20 bucks. The store I bought them from is I’ll be for sure buying more for the weekend, I’m looking for a cute new pair of shades because I suck as a shade owner, they all break :/ But also I’m looking for other wardrobe staples and as I find/incorporate them into my looks I’ll share them with you guys!
I love it, it’s so bohemian without being too girly @ $8
So my love for mesh is unending and it continues with this crop top, I may do a post on all my mesh items they’re all so unique but i got this, also seen on model, Isabella Peschardt at coachella, for only 5 bucks
And my favorite buy was this black tank top that I got from for SIX DOLLARS AND 24 CENTS WHEN LOOK AT THIS:
Screen Shot 2015-07-30 at 3.56.00 AM was selling this shirt for 105 dollars y’all. It’s not too hard to figure out these companies are screwing us although my nastygal addiction has only wavered a bit, lol.

But is probably one of my new favorites! This was my first time buying from them so after another buy, I’ll share my final thoughts with you guys but as of now I’m satisfied! I think they’re an asian based site but they’re located in the US!

I’ll also share how i chose sizing, and other helpful stuff like that. Don’t be afraid to ask questions about anything, happy shopping! ALSO, feel free to tell my how you’re spending your summer? What music festivals are you going to? Where are you shopping at? Leave a comment!



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