Views from the Two, is an up and coming personal project by, me, Khadijah Smith. Views = My thoughts, experiences, etc.

Here you will find food, motivational and conversational posts, reviews, style and ootd posts,  DIYs, food and recipes. Pretty much an overall peek into my life, and even posts on mental health advocacy, and wellness topics as I continue to find myself and achieve my goals, because I really hope to inspire and help others to do the same.

I’m ALSO an aspiring journalist, radio and tv personality, public speaker and web content and print designer and will be documenting my journey throughout my career with you as well. (Read blog posts, and check media often for even more updates!)

I’m also really into natural hair and skin care, yoga and trying to get more into fitness and a healthier living!

So yea, a lot of things are jam packed into ‘Views from the Two’ and I hope you stick around to see it all.

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